namingA baby naming day is a special day when we celebrate and welcome the arrival of a new addition to a family. It is a day of celebration of new life and in particular the infant born or adopted by a couple.

It is a happy and welcoming day. This day can often coincide with a baby’s first birthday but there is no set rule that applies. Often people who are not officially affiliated with a religious order choose to conduct a naming day for their child, instead of traditional religious processes such as baptism etc. This then allows the child the freedom to choose their own affiliation with a religion of their choosing in the future.

As your celebrant I would meet with you at least once to prepare a naming ceremony. However if that is not possible, a beautiful ceremony can be created as a result of liaison over the phone and by email.

On the day I will arrive early to meet with you & family before the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony you will be provided with a keepsake booklet of the ceremony & a special Naming Day certificate.


birthdayAs a celebrant I am available to create a ceremony for all birthdays. Often I am called upon to officiate major birthdays such as 21st; 50th; 60th etc. I am also capable of providing you with a Master of Ceremonies service should that be required of me as well.

As your celebrant or MC, I would meet with you prior to the celebration but if that is not possible a suitable and presentable ceremony can be designed as a result of liaison with you over the phone & by email.

On the day I would arrive early to meet the relevant parties and to set up the PA system if required. At the end of the event I will provide you with a keepsake copy of the ceremony.


going awaySometimes situations occur in our lives that leads us to move away from our friends and families – be it possibly a work opportunity or just a lifestyle choice. As your chosen celebrant I can design a unique ceremony to suit the occasion.

This may involve a face to face meeting or telephone & email contact. I am aslo available and capable of providing you with a Master of Ceremonies service should that be required of me.

At the conclusion, you will be provided with a beautiful keepsake copy of your ceremony.


camera-download-jan-2013-078-2015_07_12-08_17_43-utcI also create and conduct ceremonies for pets. I do this because I am an animal lover . I love all animals great and small. I also recognise that the joy of living with a pet is precious. I understand only too well how deep the hurt runs when we lose our faithful companion.

Having a ceremony in memory of a lost pet is not uncommon these days. It makes sense as it gives us an opportunity to celebrate our special experiences that we were fortunate enough to share with our very special friend and also the joy that this special pet has brought into our home….

Sometimes this time may have been short but in others it may be quite some years.As your celebrant I can either arrange to meet with you and your family to acquire the information to assist me to create an appropriate ceremony for your special pet or we can do this through telephone and email contact.

On the day of the event I will arrive early to meet and mingle with family & friends and find out more about the special pet in your life. You will also be provided with a hard copy of the ceremony for you to keep in memory of your beloved pet.


Thank you for a wonderful ceremony. You made the whole process easy. The ceremony was wonderful and memorable.

David & Samantha

Thank you for being flexible and approachable. The ceremony you created for us was perfect and just as we wanted it. We will always recommend your services when asked.

Anne Marie & Patrick

We loved our wedding ceremony. Thank you for listening and incorporating what we wanted in our ceremony. It was fun working with you & our ideas.

Jenny & Max